Circus Mirandus

— feeling excited
Circus Mirandus - Cassie Beasley

Hello Everyone, 


This book was phenomenal. Many times the books that are chosen as Bluebonnet nominees are, but this is definitely one of the better ones! Many of us remember hearing stories from our grandparents, sometimes these stories can be a bit farfetched, but we love those stories all the same, young Micah is no different.


This adventurous story follows Micah as he tries to reach out to the Lightbender to help save his grandfather who is dying. Along the way the reader gets to hear the story of how Grandpa Ephram met the Lightbender, as well as his travels with Circus Mirandus.


Readers who enjoy fantasy and mystery will definitely enjoy this wonderful and heart wrenching story. 


Happy Reading!


Mrs. Emory