Hamster Princess

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Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible - Ursula Vernon

Good Afternoon,


Many of my younger readers are loving reading the increasingly popular graphic novels. These books draw our readers in for a variety of reasons, including the wonderfully drawn pictures that give amazing detail to the story.


This year there are two graphic novels on the Bluebonnet nominee list, one is Hamster Princess. In this story readers will meet a princess that breaks all the molds. 


Harriet is a young hamster who happens to be the daughter of the king and queen, but she is definitely not interested in doing anything remotely princess-like.


When she discovers that she has been cursed at birth, similarly to Sleeping Beauty, she finds out that the curse keeps her from dying or getting seriously injured. To Harriet this is amazing news! This means that she can go off and have as many adventures as she wants! 


Readers who enjoy fantasy and adventure will enjoy following Harriet on her many adventures as well as seeing what happens in her face-off with the evil witch! 


Happy Reading! 


Mrs. Emory