Lowriders in Space

— feeling confident
By Cathy Camper Lowriders in Space (Book 1) [Paperback] - Cathy Camper

Good Afternoon Readers,


Don't you just love reading graphic novels? Especially ones that have interesting characters? If this is the type of thing that you enjoy then you will definitely like Lowriders in Space.


This story follows the story of a group of friends that are doing all that they can to accomplish their dream. These friends are all working in a machine shop that is owned by someone else, and they all dream of one day having a shop of their own, where each of the friends can work on things that interest them. One day when they find out about a competition of create a car, where the prize money could buy their shop they are all in! 


Those who enjoy reading fantasy and graphic novels will dive right into this story of friendship and adventure.


Happy Reading Everyone! 


Mrs. Emory