Poems in the Attic

Poems in the Attic - Nikki Grimes, Elizabeth Zunon

This book is written in poetry form and follows a young girl as she discovers mementos of her family as well as when she is seeing wonders while visiting her grandmother. This young girl gets to discover, through poetry, her mom's childhood and all of the wonders that she got to see in person. Each page features a poem from the young girl's perspective as well as one from her mother's perspective. Readers can tell which poem is which by the fact that the mother and the young girl have different hair styles, and the young girl has poems in regular text on the left, while her mother's are in italics on the right. 


Once I understood the flow of the book I really enjoyed reading the parallel styles of the mother's and daughter's poems. However, for younger readers having the poems set up in this way could be confusing, it took me a few pages to really understand what was going on. But, once this is understood it is a great book to use for poetry analysis. I would recommend this book to older readers as a way to introduce poetry.


Happy reading everyone,


Mrs. Emory