A Fine Dessert

A Fine Dessert - Emily Jenkins

What an amazing story! It is easy to see why this book was chosen for the Bluebonnet Nominee list! 


Readers follow as different families collect the ingredients, prepare, serve, and devour a simple recipe. It is interesting to compare and contrast the differences in how each of the different cooks collect their ingredients and put the recipe together. While all of the ingredients stay the same throughout, readers see a huge difference from the first story where the cream is gathered from the cow's milk, to at the end when it is purchased from a supermarket. Another interesting difference to note is how each of the different cooks chill their dessert.


This book would be great to use for comparing and contrasting different time periods and how people in these different time periods gathered, prepared, and stored their foods differently. It would also be appropriate for readers of many ages, whether it is being read aloud or if the reader is reading it on their own.


Happy reading everyone!

Naomi Emory